Agenda 2018


Registration and Breakfast


Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Address

  • An update from the DFT on the regulatory challenges facing the  Motor Insurance Sector
  • How will infrastructure need to change to keep up with technological developments in the motor industry?
  • An examination of recent policies including the Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Bill and the wider consequences of Brexit


Panel Debate: The Driving Forces behind Rising Claims Costs

  • What are the contributing factors to the rising repair costs?
  • What unforeseen costs are you missing and how can these be reduced?
  • How can insurers work with the supply chain to ensure that claims are resolved quickly and at a lower cost?


Fireside Chat

Both Sides of the Coin: Innovative Partnerships and the Shared Economy

  • What are the challenges of insuring fleets with multiple owners?
  • What do insurers need to know about the shared economy in order to adapt? 
  • What new risks will emerge from the shared economy?
  • What can insurers learn from partnerships with forward looking companies focusing on the shared economy?


Things to Look out For in 2019: A Market Overview from the MIB

Dominic Clayden from the MIB will provide an update on the MIB’s recent activities. This update will include:

  • The MIB’s decision to mutualise terrorism risks for third party motor claims
  • The consequences of the Civil Liabilities Bill
  • An examination of Brexit’s impact on the UK’s motor insurance market



Coffee and Networking Break


TRACK 1: Claims

TRACK 2: Technology 


Panel Debate: Technology and Vehicle Theft, Protection or Threat?

  • What is behind the 56% rise in vehicle theft in England and Wales?
  • How are thieves using technology to steal high end models
  • What measures can be put in place to prevent keyless car theft?
  • How can insurers and manufacturers educate customers in order for them to protect themselves from keyless theft?

Level 3 Autonomy, A Dangerous False Positive?

  • Why is it important to distinguish between driver assist functions and autonomy?
  • How can insurers and manufacturers collaborate to ensure that customers are properly educated on their vehicles capabilities?
  • What unique risks do level 3 autonomous vehicles pose?




Centralised Data: What to do with all that Driving Data?

  • With cars increasing the amount of data that they will produce, who will own the data?
  • How can data be integrated from legacy systems into one system
  • What would be the benefits of centralised driving data?

Electric Vehicles: What you need to know

  • What repair challenges to electric cars pose?
  • How will risk assumptions around EV drivers change as more EVs hit the roads?
  • What difficulties will emerge from new risks around charging?
  • How will infrastructure need to be updated in order to support the widespread use of electric vehicles?


Networking Lunch


Brexit: A regulation bonfire or more of the same? 

  • What scenarios could exist around Green Carding and how will insurers be impacted?
  • What knock on effects will Brexit have on supply chains?
  • A year on from the DFT’s letter to the industry what has changed and how should insurers prepare?

The Future of Telematics: Using Data to Maximise the Customer Experience

  • How can insurers use telematics beyond pricing?
  • What can be done to improve the customer experience using telematics?
  • How can customer data be used creatively to gain valuable insights?
  • What other incentives beyond lower premiums can be used to persuade customers to embrace telematics insurance?




Eyes on the Road: Distracted Driving and Smartphones

  • Collisions due to drivers using mobile phones are on the increase
  • What role can the insurer play in preventing customers from using the smartphones whilst driving?
  • Can technology help mitigate against collisions due to distracted drivers?

The Risks of Robot Drivers

  • What are the key learnings from AXA XL’s partnership with Oxbotica?
  • What are the risks in scenarios where people and intelligent machines interact?
  • Why is it important for insurers and technology manufactures to collaborate?
  • How can collaboration go beyond data sharing?




Law Commission Review – Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Act 

  • What are the key findings from the Law Commission Review on Autonomous Transport?
  • How can Insurers remain relevant as vehicle ownership models change?
  • How will the legal framework need to be altered to accommodate artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles?  


Closing Keynote: Motor Insurance and Pricing, A Customer Centric Approach

  • How can insurers attract new customers, whilst ensuring a fair price for existing customers?
  • Why is it important for customers to distinguish policies over quality rather than price alone?
  • How can insurers collaborate to tackle this issue?
  • What are the key takeaways from the FCA’s, General insurance pricing practices market study?


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception                                                                        


Programme Subject to Change