2018 Event

2018 Event

At the centre of 2018: adapting & future proofing

The principal focus was on exploring underwriting, claims, and innovation, through the lens of the challenges that the industry faces and how to adapt to meet these, with three dedicated streams of focused debate for each theme. 

Whilst other motor insurance events are very "blue sky" thinking, looking at what will happen 20 years in the future, there are critical issues for the industry to address now, as well as things to be looking at moving forward. The 2018 conference looked at how do insurers need to adapt now to prepare for tomorrow?

Key trends discussed on the day:

General themes:

  • What timescales insurers need to be working towards - when is the driverless future coming?
  • How can motor insurance stay profitable in an age of price comparison sites?
  • We will be hosting a ‘Five Future Frustrations' session, where delegates will unpick the five key challenges to motor insurance to identify their biggest bugbears. These are:
    • Moving from personal liability to product liability (who is to blame when a car crashes)
    • Data - how to access it and use it
    • What happens when there are both driverless and driven cars on the road?
    • Changing business models to adapt
    • Using technology in the customer journey
  • Gamification and personalising customer engagement
  • InsurTech - what can we learn from the new, agile players in the market